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DAN'S GINGERBREAD designs reflect objects that are both beautiful and functional.
Functional in that they can form a support or create a uniqueness.
They also have history, and in some folklore, the designs offer protection.

VICTORIAN GINGERBREAD AND CORBELS date back many years. In Medieval Europe, the corbels tucked under cornices and propping up portico roofs were often grotesque and scary. The frightful corbels were thought to ward off evil. The history of corbels in America is far less macabre. They were made out of wood due to the abundance of trees here and were often positioned at a 90-degree angle between the porch posts and the ceiling over head. Corbels were integral to the "gingerbread" Victorian era of the mid to late 1800's. Exterior corbels were common on Tudor-style houses and the Craftsman bungalows of the early 1900's

GREATLY ADDING to the picturesque character of a home inside or out , corbels (or brackets, as we call them now) lend a unique style of their own. On the outside of a house, porch, ranch or barn, a personal touch is added to your property. On the interior, corbels can be used to prop up a mantle, brace a cantilevered countertop, or provide the base of a built in table. Positioned in the corners of an interior passageway, a matching pair can turn a standard square opening into an interesting curved arch.

HORSESHOES, CROSSES, HORSES, LIZARDS AND CLOVER are some of the designs he has used in his BARN ART SERIES brackets. Some signify good luck, some offer protection and some are just whimsical.

HORSESHOES are considered very lucky and are hung above doorways outside houses, barns, and stables. Many believe that the horseshoe ends have to pointed up so that the luck will not run out. However, in some cultures, they believe that the ends must be down in order for the luck to pour out and surround you with luck for eternity. Either direction, all over the world, the most interesting possibility for the lucky horseshoe superstition is perhaps its association with the horse itself. The horse has been a beloved and sometimes even worshiped animal amongst cultures all over the world, so it would make sense that the shoe of such a magnificent animal would be valued. There is a myth amongst the English in which the horse is considered a luck-bringer, and horse-worship was common practice amongst the early Celts, Teutons, and Slavs. In Indian myth, the horse is often considered to be a symbol of good luck.

FOUR LEAF CLOVER has also been considered lucky since they are so rare, the four leaves representing the four directions and having the same design as a cross.

LIZARDS were considered lucky by the ancient Asians purely because they have the capacity to change color which made them appear magical.

WHATEVER your beliefs may be, just enjoy the designs and touring our website!

We are a custom shop and welcome your ideas...

* All brackets available in any type of wood by special order
* Ranch logos, horse breed logos or engraved initials available by special order
* Custom Design Services available



Click Here to see Designs !!
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